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"Might makes Right"

The War Council exists to coordinate the efforts of many like-minded individuals into an unstoppable force of pure unbridled power. The Council will be comprised of representatives of all classes with no regard to race. We will work as a single being with one body, one mind, one soul. We will crush our enemies beneath our feet and build our empire upon their remains. Those who would oppose us will feel the wrath of the crusaders of war and know without doubt that we, The War Council, are indefatigable in our pursuit of power. We will not be stopped. Victory will be ours.

Summer is over Raids begin Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:10 pm entered by funky chicken
WE have not had a news upday since the Fabled were here. With the new expansion coming out soon we are getting our raid season underway once again. We are recruiting level 75 all classes. This summer we lost a few players to the new games. Hopefully you guys will return.

Sunday raids will be starting again.

Be there