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Run Freeee Jelvan!!

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Joined: 15 Apr 2002
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 1:02 am    Post subject: Run Freeee Jelvan!! Reply with quote

Anguish has a couple things going for it; it has magnificent raid xp, you can get some pretty sick augs non-stop if you wanted, and the first 3 raid encounters in the zone are insanely easy, and one of those drops a 2.0 epic orb.

Then you come to the large and rather painful brick wall. Some insane event that requires near absolute perfection in order to be victorious. Yes, I'm speaking of the rescue Jelvan fiasco.

My goal, before DoD came out, was to have Tunat, Jelvan, and Yarlir down. Now we've tried Tunat once about a month ago and got him to 70%, havent tried Yarlir since about 4 months ago when we got her to about 50%.. Jelvan..... Jelvan we've tried about 10 times, and always gotten our asses handed to us, our best attempt prior to tonight was 65%.

Well I guess the eq gods were with us tonight because our first attempt on them we beat our best by about 15%, got them all to 50%. Our 2nd try we had worked out a few more tweeks and just straight up dominated all 3 of them.. Not 1 person died. Total ownage.

Oh and did I mention 90% of our healing and curing force was hydra? Yea.. it was. Sorry, but that fight is not hydra friendly whatsoever.


Keepsake -

Sloan got {this}.
Jenxxed got a {poker}.
Radient got a {bracer}.
Nodance got his new {sword}.

Hanvar -

Ainian got a new {cloak}.
Golgi picked up an ultra rare {sk weapon}.
Hengen got some new {gloves}.
Karbahn got his {Epic 2.0}.

So let's see.. Arch Magus Vagina, yea we went and played with him, well not really, more like we just watched as Radient ran and got owned. BUT... as always, he will die very soon!

P.S. - TWC is RECRUITING!!! We have a new web domain for easy application access!! If you love to raid and have alot of fun doing it, dont be shy.. Apply!!!

(I'm aware of the lameness in that rhyme)

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