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The Week of Uber!

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 10:24 pm    Post subject: The Week of Uber! Reply with quote

So what has TWC been up to this week? Let's recap!

Sunday was our first successful completion of the Jelvan event (along with another hanvar kill), and also put in a full PoTime clear prior to anguish. Monday we owned North Tacvi and almost Tunat, and also about 10 epic 2.0 fights prior to starting Tacvi. Tuesday was our first Tunat kill, and Wednesday was our first kill on Yar'Lir.. First kill on basically our first try of the mob. Thursday rolls on in and what do we do? We fucking own Arch Magus Vangl on our 2nd attempt ever, but not before downing Keldovan and Ture for good measure. Finally, Saturday marked our first kill on Kessdona!

TWC has managed to kill half the end game in 5 days. Is it possible to be this uber? I wouldn't of thought so if I didnt see it firsthand.

Loots we've gotten.

Tunat -

Ogokie finished up a very impressive Augment.
Healzu got a new Breastplate.
Volgar picked up some hot Pants.
Seani got some added Damage.
Armazerker got a Augment as well.

Keepsake -

Sloan got this.
Jenxxed got a poker.
Radient got a bracer.
Nodance got his new sword.

Yar'Lir -

Karmie and Jumda each picked up a new weapon.
Warheal got a new cloak.

Arch Magus Vangl

Jammina traded out his elemental legs for these.
Karbahn and Surrender each picked up some new earrings.
Dram has our first cleric 2.0.

Wow, what mobs havent we killed yet in this game? Let's see.. We have Overlord Mata Muram, Vishimtar. They are next on the hitlist!

Now is the time to put your application in to TWC. Level 70 and 150 aa are basically our only requirements. KT/Qvic flag and Anguish Signets is a huge plus.

AMV.JPG jelv.JPG yarlir.JPG tuna.JPG
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