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Fabled PoP

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:12 pm    Post subject: Fabled PoP Reply with quote

TWC was hard at work this last month. Fabled mobs began to spawn on March 16th. On April 18th which was seemingly the last day of fabled our total loot count of Fabled POP loot was 153 pieces of fabled Loot. We are averaging almost 5 pieces of loot per day! 400-700hp/mana quality. What's even more amazing about that is many of the bosses were so contested that open pick up raids would kill 80% of the spawns not leaving much for guild organized raids. However, luckily enough we were able to catch some big targets and dispose of them accordingly.

This is what we were able to kill over the last month.

Fabled Arch Mage Yozanni (1 time)
Fabled Blazzax the Omifiend (1 time)
Fabled Jaxoliz Dawneyes (1 time)
Fennin Script Fabled (2 times, that's 8 fabled each run)
Fabled Solusek Ro (1 time)
Fabled Xuzl (3 times)
Fabled Rizlona (1 time)
Fabled Dresolik (1 time)
Fabled Arlyxir (4 times)
Fabled Jiva (3 times)
Fabled Aerin Dar (2 times)
Fabled Bertoxulous (1 time)
Fabled Saryrn (1 time)
Fabled Keeper of Sorrows (9 times)
Fabled Xanamech (4 times)
Fabled Vallon Zek (1 time)
Fabled Hydrotha (1 time)
Fabled Agnarr (1 time)
Fabled Perfected Warder of Earth (1 time)
Fabled Terris Thule (1 time)

Pretty good compilation of kills. Especially with the high level of contesting everyone was involved in for these mobs.

We attempted Fennin Ro himself a few times on one of the script runs. Year right, that dude is practically impossible. The only elemental god that was killed was Fabled Avatar of Earth due to his ease.

No screenshots, sorry!

On another note, Sony has removed all flags and keys from the game up to end game PoR and put level requirements in their place. The highest of which is level 70. Obviously this will impact us as a guild and our recruitment quite a bit I'd imagine. This also does another important thing for old members that have stopped playing. It completely catches you up to us. No timesinks, no quests, nothing.

If their's ex-TWC or retired TWC out there that still have the overwhelming itch to play Everquest but did not want to start up again because of all the work needed to catch up. Now is the time for you. Even if it's a part time capacity. Most of the retired toons are still tagged, but if you're not and I remember you, can easily get your tag back. Everquest is still quite a bit of fun and raids are very challenging and rewarding at the same time. We would all love to see the old faces around.

Jamm, Seani, Silv, Acaila, Sab, Grend, Jarr, Anni, Bala I'm talking to you bitches!! anyone else I forgot too.

On that note, regular recruiting is open to all classes. Please be at least level 75 with 200 or so AA's. High need classes are:
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